TERRY HOGAN  paintings and drawings
Pear TreeApple Tree Red Barn ReflectionDark Creek ReflectionSmall CreekEnlarged Creek ReflectionCreek, Late LightSummer Branciforte CreekDetail of Summer Branciforte CreekSpringtime Creek CharcoalSummer Late Light
Kathleen Moodie, Exhibitions Director, Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz,2003

"Years and years spent observing the sides of rivers, creeks and rivulets—sketching innumerable inlets and mossy pools—have enriched the eye, mind, and spirit of the artist Terry Hogan. These experiences over many decades are clearly reflected in her shimmering paintings of water imagery.
Located to the side and behind a flourishing year-round garden, Hogan’s studio is just steps from Branciforte Creek, which feeds directly into the subject of her most recent investigation--the San Lorenzo River. With its small capacity and prodigious content, the artist’s studio is a surprise. The workspace is awash in unframed pastels and stretched canvas--a kaleidoscope of lushly rendered river views. Each painting has been beautifully coaxed from its beginnings as unadorned, blank support to join a collection of oils, and pastels that rivals a jeweler’s window. The San Lorenzo series is filled with the emerald greens, topaz yellows, and ruby reds found along the riverbanks but revealed only to an artist whose commitment is as deep a s Hogan’s. She unearths brilliant hues where others find only subdued tonalities, uncovers secondary and tertiary colors where other see only a limited palette.
For over a year, Hogan walked all the negotiable paths, trails, and walkways along the river searching for motifs to portray in pastel and then to enlarge and translate into oils. She recorded through all the seasons, the water, sky, foliage, cityscape, hidden curves, sandbars, and islands of the ever changing waterway. The result is Terry Hogan’s sparkling homage to the San Lorenzo--an artist’s way of keeping the faith with the river that so inspired this exalting and memorable body of work."

Kathleen Moodie, Exhibitions Director, Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz,2003